My passion for food and wine, with the help of good friends, have led me to produce my own vintages. I am proud to say that The Fabio Viviani Wine Collection is a creative collaboration between friends, rooted in a common love for food and wine. Together, with Carlos Quimbo and Sean Thomas, we have developed an hospitality focused wine brand that we know you're going to love.



Growing up, I don’t have a good story like most chefs do. I didn’t have bounties of food on my table where everyone gathered around a feast. We didn't have a lot of money. That has made me very conscious about doing the very best that I can do, with the little that I might have. This is what drives me to work hard everyday, to bring you the best product possible!



Carlos is a numbers guy coming from the finance world, but his true passion is for wine.  His family has been in the business his whole life and you would never guess where their winery is… the Philippines!? I couldn’t believe it either. Our wines today are from California but who knows, maybe one day we will explore the more exotic areas around the world. I am lucky to be friends and partners with Carlos. There might not be another person in the world that is as hard working, caring, friendly, and has the extent of knowledge that he does.



Sean is one of the most easy going, yet hardest working person you’ll ever meet - a rare combination! If I could pick five people in the world to sit down and enjoy a glass of wine with, Sean would definitely be one. Sean’s Grandpa was the legendary businessman and personality, Dave Thomas of Wendy’s, whom Sean was very close to.  From him, he was taught valuable principles on the importance of delivering quality for a fair price. It shows through and through in all his business endeavors and is the same way that I run all of mine.



Only ten years ago I came to America from Italy not speaking a word of english. Now I have my own restaurants, I've written a few books and I own my own wine company. I never take it for granted and will continue to work hard for all that I'm blessed with. Thank you to my friends, family and fans for all your support. Now hang on tight it's going to be a CRAZY ride!