Bread Crumb Encrusted Sword Fish, Tomato Braised Beans, White Wine Reduction

Herbs Sword Fish

Pair With

Nº 78

Cabernet sauvignon


buttery, acidic, meaty fish


20 minutes


6 oz. center cut sword fish

½ bread crumb mixed with 1 tsp. each of chervil, chive, parsley, tarragon

1 egg white

8 ea. green beans blanched in salt water

½ cup tomato sauce

¼ cup white wine butter reduction sauce    



For the Fish: season the fish with salt and pepper. Dip one side in egg whites and then place into the herbs bread crumb. Place into a small sauté pan with a little olive oil on low heat. Cook until the bread crumb gets a nice golden color and flip. Cook on the other side until the fish is cooked medium.

For the Green Beans: sauté the green beans in olive oil and garlic for one minute and add the fresh tomato sauce. Season to taste.

To plate: place the green beans on your plate with the fish on top. Drizzle the white wine sauce around the fish.