Chicken Ravioli, Madera Reduction, Fine Herbs

Chicken Ravioli

Pair With

Nº 78

Cabernet sauvignon


rich, sweet, spice, smoked


45 minutes


pasta sheets rolled thin (as needed)

1 Lb. chicken thighs (cooked, chopped)

1 Lb. chicken breasts meat (cooked, chopped)

½ Lb. Ricotta cheese (water squeezed out)

½ Lb. smoked gouda (diced, small)

2 eggs (in separate bowls)

⅓ cup chervil (chopped)

⅓ cup chives plus more for garnish (chopped)

¼ cup tarragon (chopped)

1 cup Madera wine

⅓ cup Marsala wine

½ cup demi glaze

4 Tbsp. butter (unsalted)

grated parmesan for garnish

salt and pepper



Take 2 pasta sheets and set aside.  Take next 8 ingredients, but only one egg, and mix together in a large bowl.  Season to taste with salt and pepper.  Scoop filling on to the pasta sheet, leaving about an inch between each mound. 

Take the remaining egg and beat it with a touch of water.  Take a pastry brush and brush around the mixture lightly.  Take the other pasta sheet and place on top.  Press down where there is egg to secure ravioli.  Cut circles using a cookie cutter or top of a mason jar.

Pour both wines into a pot and begin to reduce, when reduced by ⅔, add demi glaze and reduce to simmer until thickened.  Add butter and stir in.

Bring a pot of water to the boil, salt, and add raviolis.  In a separate pan, add some sauce and bring to a simmer.  When ravioli have cooked for about 3-4 minutes, remove and add to sauce.  Coat completely, then garnish with additional chopped chives and parm.  Season to taste if needed.